Blueprint was a collaboration with performers, non-performers and new technology. The piece sets up video links to the performers real-life mothers, and begins to investigate the performers heritage – culturally, genetically and personally. The performers liaise with their mothers as they exchange stories and perform tasks as they all reveal shared genetic traits and unearth forgotten memories. Autobiographies become confused as the voices of the past and present shift between the performers and their mothers.

As the world end approaches four performers telephone their real life mothers via video call. They reminisce, dress up and play their last desert Island discs. They want to pickle a sample of the journey so far; the laughter scars, the genetic hand me downs, the embossed heritage. Through live video links the performers and their mothers interact with each other and the audience in a physical and visual new media performance.

This is a toast to our mothers, to all mothers, to all parents and their children. It is a celebration of fading photographs with curved corners and memories with blurred edges. It is a laugh for re-told jokes. It is a nod at nostalgia and a tender touch for hard times.

"A truly moving piece of theatre making inspiring so many emotions from laughter to tears and back again."

Michaela Butter. Embrace Arts, Leicester.

Zoo Indigo