Celluloid Souls

Movies are part of our collective memory and evoke an emotion of nostalgia, a sense of shared experience; they become part of our biographies and personal histories. Considering how we romanticise cinema, the question arises as to how ‘real’ our feelings can ever be if they are patterned on these pre-existing cultural texts, or blueprints. Zoo Indigo investigates the desires that movies evoke, desires to find love, to find a happy end, to be a hero, to be a villain, to be a sexy villain, to be a sexy German villain in long leather boots.

‘Celluloid Souls’ is a postmodern patchwork of the cinematic, which presents a tailor- made experience for every new audience. On booking their tickets, spectators are asked to submit details of their favourite movie moments along with a cinema related memory. The performance duo re-make and deconstruct filmic images selected by the audience and themselves, blurring the lines between autobiography, audience memory and film text. Accompanied by a live music score and myriad of Foley experiments, the performers mix live camera work with film footage to step across the celluloid divide. The fixed performance material examines the problematic heteronormative society promoted in Hollywood films and delicately pulls through film as a means of manipulation and propaganda with particular connections to WWII. Spoken in both German and English, this highly visual performance employs humor with a dark underscore, to address representations of gender and cultural identity in different movie genres, using a variety of ridiculous props, costumes, make up, fake moustaches and camera trickery.

“Celluloid Souls is a tenderly anarchic hour through your collective memories of nights at the movies, but more than that is its a touching, affecting piece which looks at the power of the moving image and how this has and continues to shape our culture and our lives. It's wonderfully scored and hilariously funny”
Gareth Morgan, Programmer of Playground Nottingham Playhouse

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Zoo Indigo